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28th December 2014


Abstract Inspiration

Graffiti at Botallack



26th December 2014



Lunar maritime

photo: Gavin Hicks



25th December 2014



Happy Christmas!



9th December 2014

Paul Smith Mayfair store inspired by Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson





7th December 2014


Choosing work for Rough Deluxe

photo: Gavin Hicks



13th November 2014


Fondant Fancy no.1  2014  21 x 15 cmsFondant Fancy no.2  2014  21 x 15 cms
Fondant Fancy no.3  2014  21 x 15 cmsFondant Fancy no.4  2014  21 x 15 cms


'Fondant Fancies'

Four new drawings to add to 'fiftydrawings'

at Chapel Place Gallery  Tunbridge Wells



9th November 2014




Botallack, Cornwall.



8th November 2014



Hauser and Wirth Somerset



7th November 2014





Many thanks to gallery directors Gill and Nicolas Ib.






Solo exhibition:  'Abstraction  Eat Drink and Be Merry  New Paintings from Cornwall'

Private View at Chapel Place Gallery, Tunbridge Wells



7th November 2014



An unlikely scene of industrial ruin in the midst of the otherwise beautiful Sussex Downs.

Shoreham cement works in the Adur Valley.



7th November 2014


One of the houses on Shoreham Beach, between Brighton and Worthing.

Rain, wind, sun, spray. 





3rd November 2014






Drafts for January 2015 ad in Icon magazine



2nd November 2014



Henrietta Dubrey   Abstraction - New Paintings from Cornwall - Eat Drink and Be Merry

By bringing together this collection of twenty two paintings and fifty small drawings for my solo show at Chapel Place Gallery, I am hoping to convey the joy of painting and its ability to lift the spirit. Through vibrant colour, abstract form and gestural brushwork it is my intention that the pared down compositions have an immediacy, to which it is possible to relate to instinctively.

From the moment I met directors Gill and Nicolas Ib I felt an immediate connection with them and the ideas they were formulating for their new venture at Chapel Place Gallery. After their initial visit in late 2013 to my studio in west Penwith, Cornwall, their very particular vision became apparent. As I listened to them talking enthusiastically about their love of curating and collecting I knew that the Gallery would be a special place to show. Their strong design ethic was evident, incorporating a geometric precision and architectural language which I felt my paintings would sit well within.

The working title of the show ‘Eat Drink and Be Merry’ came about after I had titled three smallish paintings and decided to present them as a triptych. These three, although small, formed the beginning of a body of work in which the painterly language I was using at the time, of strong colour and more organic shapes, began to cohere.

The three paintings are particularly spare compositions and I found that they began to speak with each other figuratively. The directness of the abstracted mark-making describes a guttural response to the ideas within. The near lurid palette of ‘Eat’ and its loose painterly marks have a luxuriant and decadent feeling redolent of Christmas fayre, ham hock and mustard glaze, cranberry sauce. It is a very gutsy, immediate painting, but one that in its reduced language seems to have a lot to say. Likewise ‘Drink’, with its flowing fountain of aerated blue clear water is refreshingly direct and quenches our thirsty souls. ‘Be Merry’ was my realisation of untamed consumerist desire. The big glass baubles, silver, cream and clear lured me to the shelves of the Conran Shop’s Christmas display. The box of six decorations shone out like jewels, to me reminiscent of a lush Terry Frost collage. In this painting their simplicity of design is juxtaposed with every girl’s dream, a new handbag. Prada? Celine? Pure decadence simply notated in three canvasses.

These and all the other strong, bold abstract paintings will be displayed alongside a series of fifty “vibrant, tangled and bold” small drawings and collages prepared especially for this show. Displayed as a block, these fifty images reveal the diverse thought processes that trigger inspiration for the larger compositions, small ideas which eventually lead to the bigger picture.

November 2014




6th October to 1st November 2014






'Rough Deluxe'

'Wild Women and Sweet Candy' are starting to gather,

ahead of 2015 solo show at Edgar Modern in Bath!



25th & 26th September 2014






19th September 2014



Vignettes from my studio over the last few months.



5th September 2014




Late summer.



31st July and 2nd August 2014




Garden, not garden.

In and around St Just.



30th July 2014



Curtailed Kenneth Noland images from a slightly tatty but glorious 1970's monograph.



30th July 2014



Sandra Blow at the Newlyn & Exchange, Penzance.

Details from 'Helix' 1990, acrylic on canvas, 102 x 144 inches.


I spent a while looking at the Sandra Blow paintings currently on show at The Exchange, Penzance: 26 July - 4 October.
The exhibition celebrates the late works by this pioneer of post-war British abstract painting.

"I don't feel I use colour in my work in the way I want to... I adore colour, but it's how to use it and keep a great, clear simplicity, that's the imperative in my work."

Sandra Blow, quoted in the short guide to the exhibition.



End July 2014






2nd July 2014






1st July 2014





Work and influences.



26th-28th June 2014





London; The Conran Shop, Stella McCartney, lush mags.



25th June 2014



Summer studio.



Early June 2014















31st May 2014




Soho diary.



30th May 2014



Looking at green for inspiraton.



30th May 2014


With gallery Director Gill Ib at the Private View of the inaugural exhibition
at Chapel Place Gallery, Tunbridge Wells,
'A Taste of What's to Come'.



The bustling Private View.


A view of the new Gallery.
(Photo courtesy S J Watson)



27th May 2014



Ten Thousand Apologies.



26th May 2014































The Barbara Hepworth Museum, St Ives.



11th May 2014








St Ives.



16th/17th April 2014


London journal

























14th April 2014




Glorious days, spring is bursting.
The Garden.



14th April 2014


'Poetry'  2014  125 x 83 cms


Poetry is now at Lynne Strover Gallery,
 and will be shown as part of her 25th Anniversary Show 1989-2014.

Andrew Nairne, Director of Kettles Yard in Cambridge is to open the exhibition on 17th April.
The exhibition continues until 5th May.



11th April 2014


'Ascent'  2012  93 x 115 cms


'Ascent' delivered to Market House Gallery, Marazion,
together with small works on paper.



10th April 2014


'Cabane'  2014 12 x 34 cms            'Loggia'  2014  13 x 34 cms


'Cabane' and 'Loggia' at Chelsea Art Fair with Stoneman Gallery,
10-13 April 2014.



5th April 2014




New paintings at High Point Market, at High Point, North Carolina,
with Lola and Bess.



25th March 2014




In the studio.



25th March 2014




Three palette vignettes.



24th March 2014



In the studio.



21st March 2014


A daily walk.















15th March 2014


A daily walk.
































11th March 2014



En route to the studio.



9th March 2014



Work in progress.



7th March 2014



Magazines, books.



26th February 2014



'Essential' 2013
 Featured in Art Review magazine.
'Future Greats' - March 2014.
Page 70.




23rd and 24th February 2014



Working through ideas.



18th February 2014


Still lovin' the Celine look!



17th February 2014


Work in progress.



15th February 2014


The end of winter in west Penwith.











8th February 2014


The studio ready for a live interview with Peter George on The Source FM 'Funkin Art Radio Show'.



4th February 2014


'Ochre Field' 2013 appears in advertorial pages in the
March edition of World of Interiors.




31st January 2014


'White Cube, Zennor Head'  2013  58 x 76 cms

Delivered to Belgrave St Ives Gallery.



29th January 2014



Leger in his Paris studio with model Anne Gunning. 
1955 fabric and clothes design by Claire McCardell.
Image from March 2008 Elle Decoration magazine.
Painting: Henrietta Dubrey 'No Worries' 2012.




28th January 2014





24th January 2014


Circle Series.






22nd January 2014






21st January 2014




Oil sketch.



20th January 2014





19th January 2014



Work in progress.



18th January 2014


What artists eat for lunch.



17th January 2014


Upon reflection.



14th January 2014








13th January 2014


Studio floor.



11th-18th January 2014


St Just










9th January 2014




photo: Gregory Bojorquez



8th - 28th January 2014


Still Life






8th - 24th January 2014



Below is a series of photographs taken on my daily walks.
These serve as inspiration towards my work in the studio.





































7th January 2014


Great to be back in the studio - new paintings, work in progress.



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